Tekken 7

Fight your way to the top!

Since its humble beginnings as a Playstation staple, Tekken, has always walked closely in the shadow of fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. However, the latest addition to the Bandai Namco produced fighting series, has really set the bar high for arcade fighting games.

Tekken 7 has revived the classic fighter and brought some great new additions to series, including new characters, several new fighting mechanics and a some intriguing new plot lines that keep you hooked through the games “Arcade Mode”. 

From the moment I stepped up to the machine I recognised the familiar joystick button combo that has become so familiar to arcade fighters over the year and I was greeted by the option to play in practice mode or move straight to arcade.

From this point on I would try and say I smashed through the arcade mode like a seasoned veteran, however with my lack of skill on hand I sadly only made it through the first 3 characters. From first glance the fighting mechanic is fluid and exciting, with Tekken’s limb control commands responsive to the arcade cabinet controls.

Classic characters such as Jin, Nina, Yoshimitsu and King make a welcome return and with the additions of the newly upgraded Jack (version 7) and the introduction of Street Fighter’s Akuma, players are left with the tough decision of who to choose on their path to fighting stardom.

The biggest addition for Tekken 7 is the introduction of the “Rage Art”, which allows players to utilise their rage and unleash a heavy barrage of attacks when their health bar is low. This is a really cool component to get your character out of a tricky situation and compliments nicely with some smooth cut-scene like graphics.

True arcade fighting fans will get into the nitty and gritty of the fighting mechanics and I can truly say that the combo system that includes new trades, rolls, power crushers and interactive stages gives Tekken 7 a major kick in the guts to its rival fighters.

Overall Tekken 7 is a welcome addition to the Tekken family and those who are familiar with the series and character control will have no worries about jumping back into the ring. The additions of new characters, updated graphics, superior fighting styles and a vast range of playable characters will be attracting new and old players.

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