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What's your favourite arcade game? Don't worry, we can't pick just one either. But if you want to see what games we have and reviews to get you excited to play them, then click here.
Playtime Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Thinking about where to have your child's next birthday party? Look no further than PLAYTIME! We have great packages available for you to throw the best party of the year!
Game Reviews

Game Reviews

Read all our reviews

We've got some awesomely brilliant games in our centres, some you may have played before and some you haven't. So we've decided to start reviewing all of our games so you guys can see what games you want to try next time!
Miranda Food

Miranda Treats

Indulge your tastebuds

Inspired by the classic all American Milkbar, think creamy goodness & salted savouries with a FUN-Filled twist.
Redemption Room Prizes


Who wants a prize?

You know what's even better than playing arcade games? Winning awesome stuff for playing arcade games! Check out what's available in our Redemption Room for you to claim with all your hard earned tickets.