Don't miss those time extensions!


Countless hours, millions of challenges, thousands of rivals and plenty of enemies were made in arcades all over the world since the creation of the cult classic racing game, Daytona.

Now over 20 years since the original Daytona hit arcades the classic has been restored by Sega to present a refurbished arcade game that looks like the classic but feels like it should in 2016.

Thanks to its new 32 inch hi-definition widescreen with a 720p resolution, racing chunky cars around a circle for hours has never been so much fun for you and your friends. The updated game also pays homage to the classic tracks of Three Seven Speedway, Sea Side Street Galaxy and my personal favourite, Dinosaur Canyon.

As I got myself comfortable once again in the cockpit of my 4 wheeled speed machine, the memories came flooding back and all the times I had just missed that time extension by one second pushed me into gear as I put foot to floor and saw my Hornet burst off the line.

Old fans will not be disappointed with this updated version of Daytona as Sega has kept the classic controls and driving engine the same, relying on the player to test their skills on every corner and master the manual controls. New fans will be drawn in by the retro style design and the simple yet challenging courses.

As far as this game goes, Daytona requires no introduction and is a household name when it comes to arcades all over the world. Sega has done an amazing job refurbishing the classic arcade cabinet and has left the classic racing simulator in its prime but also added a modern flair with updated graphics and a higher frame rate for all players to enjoy.

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