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Yo fam, what is a Playcard? 

Playcard is a simple solution that allows you to top up credits and check the amount of points you have earned whilst playing your chosen skill tester or arcade game. No more streams and streams of tickets, no more having to count individual tickets and add them all up. It's a simple case of scanning your card at the teller to find out how much credit you have and how many points you have earnt.

How do I collect points?

When you swipe your Playcard in the card-reader on your arcade game to start, it gets all the information it needs to: 
  1. deduct the correct amount of credit to play the game
  2. add on any points you win, automatically after you finish. #likemagic

On the arcade games, they have different colour swipers, what is the difference between blue, green, and red arcade games?

They are different types of games. Red are adult only games, such as those with an MA15+ rating or an adult theme such as horseracing. Blue are big prize games such as Claw machines. Green is everything else. With a normal Playcard you can play everything – swipe at will, until the money runs out! The colours help us to be responsible and ensure that kids at birthday parties have an age appropriate experience.

When I check my card it mentioned cash and bonus, what is the difference?  

No difference between cash and bonus when you play a game. The cash is how much you spent in cash and the bonus is how many bonus bucks we gave you. Bonus is merely extra credit to spend on the arcades. Check out the bonus bucks pricing here

How do I register my Playcard? 

You can register your Playcard via this form  

Can I purchase a time play card?

Unfortunately, we only offer time play in our Party packages or other custom packages.

How do I reload money?

Look for the automatic reload (iteller) machines in venue or ask one of our friendly team members.

Okay, so I slayed on the games, how do I check my Playcard balance? 

You can check your Playcard either in venue or online. 
In venue, you can use the automatic reload (iteller) machine or you can ask one of our helpful team, and they can check the balance for you. 
Online, you can use our super easy Playcard balance checker Just make sure you have your card handy – you’ll need the number on the back. 

What happens if I lose my Playcard? 

If your Playcard has been registered we can track your points transfer them to a new card in venue. This cannot be done online. Treat your Playcard like cash, because if you lose it, we might not be able to recover it. #devo

What happens if I can’t see my balance/credits on my card?

Let our team in venue know straight away. Or if you have left, please contact us via Live Chat or pm our Facebook page.


What games are at which venues? 

Great question, the best way to find out is to either ask via live chat or pm our Facebook page.

Do your venues have an entry fee? 

No, they don’t, however you will require a Playcard to use our machines.

Ready to live that arcade life, how do I work for Playtime?

Head to our employment website here to see all our current roles on offer, or feel free to head into your nearest venue, drop off your resume and introduce yourself to our team, they don’t bite :p


Which venue offers Bumper Cars?

Only one venues offer bumper cars, PLAYTIME Haymarket, its at L3 Market City (above Paddy’s Markets). 

What height/age do you need to be to ride a bumper car? 

To ride our Haymarket bumper cars, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • If you are under 100cm in height, you cannot ride the bumper cars
  • If you are between 100cm – 130cm, you can ride with an adult
  • If you are over 130cm you can ride alone. 


I am ready to conquer the laser arena, how long does a game of laser tag last?

A laser mission goes for 7.5 minutes in most venues purchase is packs of 3. In some venues they are 15 mins purchased by mission. 

Is there a minimum age for Laser Tag?

For safety reasons, the minimum age for children in our laser arenas is 6 years old. A party for a child turning 5 years old CANNOT be for Laser Tag.

Can I use my Playcard to play laser? 

No, laser is a different package, check out our great deals

How do I stay safe at laser?

Keep both hands on the phaser and keep it at waist height. Don’t run or jump…it’ll stop you from getting disqualified (your phaser will deactivate automatically) and stop you bumping into walls and other people.

Do I need to wear enclosed shoes?

For safety reasons, we recommend wearing enclosed shoes. Thongs are not permitted due to the darkness of the laser arena - we would hate for you to have your toes stubbed or stepped on! It is up to the Team on the day to determine if your footwear is appropriate. If your shoes aren't up to scratch, we will supply you with bowling shoes.

Wait, does my local PLAYTIME have laser tag? 

Currently we have laser tag at the following Playtime venues: 


Move over I am the next Bey, what is the minimum to book a karaoke experience? 

No minimum number to book karaoke, but feel free to invite the crew.  

Whoa we have more people than versions of T-swizzle, what is the maximum amount of people for Karaoke?

Each venue has a different maximum number – for more information contact one of our event specialists

I want to be Ed’s Galway Girl, which venues have Karaoke?

The venues offering Karaoke include:

Album two needs to sound different to the first, what kind of music do you offer in the Karaoke rooms? 

From pop to rock, from country to metal, kid and duet friendly, we have something for everyone and it is updated monthly. For a complete list of all songs search here


Game set match, which venues offer TopSpin Table Tennis? 

We currently have the TopSpin tables ready for a showdown at:


What is Cryptology Escape Rooms?

Cryptology is a new challenge for teams of 2 to 6 people over the age of 14 years old. You are lead into a room and from there you have 60 minutes to figure codes and puzzles that will allow you to escape from the room.

Which locations have Cryptology escape rooms; my squad are ready for the challenge?
We have two locations with Cryptology Escape Rooms:
However please note that each venue offers different experiences:

How long does it take to complete a Cryptology escape room experience? 

You have 60 minutes to break free from the escape room, however can you try to break the record for quickest escape, ask the team in venue for the current records. #goodluck

What happens if we don’t break free in time?

In rare periods of calm and quiet (no bookings after yours) those requiring a little longer to figure it out, maybe offered “The Escape Clause”. This comes at the price of $20 but gives you a further 15 minutes to emerge triumphant, head held high. Ask your game master – we won’t tell!

Now to form the perfect team, how many people can use an escape room at the same time? 

Maximum 6 people per escape room. We recommend 2-6 people over the age of 14 so you have a fair chance of escaping in time, so if you are the science bros of the avengers you could conquer with two people.

How difficult is it to escape Cryptology Escape Rooms 

We pride ourselves on the difficulty of our Cryptology Escape Rooms, so the more brains the better. If you get stuck you can try asking for help. Look for the Cryptofactor on each room, the higher the number the harder it is.

What is a Cryptofactor?

The Cryptofactor tells you how hard our Cryptology Escape Rooms are to escape from. The higher the number, the harder the challenge:
  • 6/10 and below – Too easy – not worth the bother.
  • 7/10 – Cunning – stick a tail on it & you’d call it a fox! 
  • 7.5/10 – Bamboozlingly Complex
  • 8/10 - Trickily Difficult (Blackbeard’s Cabin – Eastland)
  • 8.5/10 – Damn Hard (Abandoned Reactor – Chermside)
  • 9/10 – Extra Challenging (Pharaoh’s Curse – Eastland)
  • 9.5/10 – Super Tough (Incarcerated – Chermside; Total Carnage – Chermside)
  • 10/10 – Is this even possible?


Which venues have Omni Virtual Reality?

At this stage, only our Playtime Crown Melbourne venue offers Omni Virtual Reality.

Are there any age or height restrictions?

There are no age restrictions, however for safety reasons the following height and weight restrictions apply:
  • Minimum height of 110cm
  • Children between 110 and 122cm must be accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum weight of 130kg
Please do not play if you are pregnant, claustrophobic, have a heart condition or are prone to motion sickness or dizziness.


Time to insta share my meal, what food do you offer? 

Each venue offers different food options – click below to download a pdf version of the menu


What are my local PLAYTIME opening hours?

Opening times vary by location, please click here and choose your venue to get specific opening and closing times.


Check out our refund policy here

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