Why our Playcard is better than the rest


At Playtime, there is one rule - have as much fun as possible! With countless classic and new games to choose from, it's almost impossible to get bored as you try and beat your family and friends for those all important bragging rights.

For us, our main aim is to make accessing these games simple. We don't want you waiting around to collect streams of tickets and then having to line up to convert them into a prize - all of this takes time away from your efforts to beat the high score.

As such, we've developed the Playcard system which is a simple way to maximise your fun at Playtime. Keen to learn more? Read on to find out.

What is Playcard?

We like to think about Playcard as the future of arcade gaming. But don't take our word for it - try it for yourself! Essentially, Playcard replaces the old-school tickets that are printed out after you achieve a level on a game.

Instead of collecting bundles and bundles of tickets, your Playcard collects points as you play. You can also top up your credits and check the amount of points that you have earned while playing any skill tester or arcade game at Playtime - what technology!

No more crying about lost tickets or arguments about whose tickets belong to what team member - a simple system that saves you time and effort. In fact, with our Playcard system, you can spend more time playing your favourite games. And that sounds pretty good to us!

How to check your balance

Back a few years ago, the only way to check your balance was by counting all the individual tickets up and taking them to the counter. Of course, technology moves forward and with a Playcard in your pocket, you can view your balance almost anywhere you go.

The 16 digit number on the back of the card allows you to log into your account and see up to date records of how many credits you have to your name.

Through this system, you can also see what Bonus Bucks deals are available to add even more credit to your account. This means that as soon as you arrive at Playtime, you will be able to seek out your favourite game and get playing. Fancy a few games this weekend? We look forward to seeing you there!