Dark Escape 4D

Dark Escape

3D Movies and gaming are a fairly popular and cool trend these days, but when it comes to immersing yourself in a video game experience, as well as scaring the socks off your feet, Dark Escape 4D is the answer. The Bandai Namco horror shooter is a favourite for couples and those who love a good jump scare. The 4 stages to choose from are amplified thanks to the 3D glasses on offer, 5.1 Surround Sound, recoiling weapons, 3D air blast and the controller mounted Hear Rate monitor which sense when your fear is at its peak.

Tips & Tricks

Now to make sure you can make it through at least one of the 4 Main stages, we’ve got a few tips for you.

  1. Have your wits about you! Dark Escape’s 4 levels prey on the phobias of necrophobia, achluophobia, agoraphobia & entomophobia. So choose wisely
  2. Don’t let the Jump Scares stop you. Be prepared for big sound scares, these will slow you down and draw focus!
  3. Don’t stop shooting! Dark Escape gives you unlimited ammo, so don’t ease up on that trigger.

All the Details

The best bits about Dark Escape 4D that earn it a top arcade spot is the inclusion of the heart rate monitoring system. This added feature lets your monitor your heart rate throughout levels and finishes each area with a breakdown of who was most freaked out across the level. Bonus points to you if you can keep calm!