3 tips on maximising your basketball high score


If you're a fan of the NBA or local NBL, you'll know how easy professional basketballers make the game look. Free throws that hit nothing but net and long three-point bombs over two defenders that beat the buzzer.

Of course, it's not until you pick up a basketball yourself and shoot for the hoop that you realise there is a lot of skill involved. At Playtime Entertainment, you have the chance to channel your inner LeBron James and score not one, not two, not three, but many baskets on our arcade games.

So, get your Air Jordans ready here here are three ways to improve your shooting form.

1) Take your time

Although your time in the arcade is limited, it's important not to rush your technique. The quicker and more stressed you get, the more likely it is that you'll miss the rim completely and end up losing to your mate next door.

As such, use the first few shots to get your eye in and then simply repeat the technique over and over. Speaking of eyes, keep your eyes on the hoop at all times. While it's tempting to look at your hands or the ball, you're better at gauging distance by remaining locked on the hoop!

2) Get your feet in the right position

Watch Steph Curry or LeBron James closely and you'll see their feet are never fully together and their knees are bent when shooting. Even though this isn't America, you can do this when shooting for the hoop at Playtime.

A simple rule to remember if you're right handed is to move your right foot slightly forward of the other. If you're left handed, the opposite will apply. Lean forward from your hips and bend your knees when shooting to improve your chances of success.

3) Use the power of angles

Eyes on the hoop? Feet positioned correctly? All that is left now is your levers (or arms to non-professional ballers). Stick with us on this one, it's slightly harder to visualise!

Spread your fingers across the middle of the ball, bending your elbow under the ball. Keep the ball in front of you as you lean back and release as your arms reach full extension. If you're lucky (been reading our blog), you'll hopefully see the ball hit nothing but net as you clock up a massive score.

In the heat of the moment, basketball is all about consistent technique. Feel the rhythm, hear the cheer from your friends and imagine it's the NBA Finals. Good luck!