cryptology escape rooms


Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and escape the room before your time is up?

At Playtime Chermside and soon to be at Playtime Eastland we have introduced the ultimate test of skill, the Cryptology Escape Rooms will have you sharpening your wits and putting your teamwork to the test….

Form a team between 2 & 6 people. You will be briefed by your game master and then it’s over to you to piece together the clues that unlock each part of the puzzle and open the door within 60 minutes… 

Introducing three rooms, exclusively at Playtime Chermside, including Total Carnage, Abandoned Reactor and Incarcerated, each with their own challenges, but be warned our Total Carnage room is gory, those with a sensitive stomach (and aged under 14) need not apply.

Playtime Eastland will house two new escape rooms including Blackbeard’s Cabin and Pharoah’s Curse, are you ready?


Off Peak 7 days: Open till 6pm $100 
Shoulder Sun - Thu: 6pm till close $100 
Peak Fri / Sat: 6pm till close $150

Invoking the escape clause

In rare periods of calm and quiet (no bookings after yours) those requiring a little longer to figure it out, maybe offered the Escape Clause. This comes at the price of $20 but gives you a further 15 minutes to emerge triumphant, head held high. Ask your game master – we won’t tell!

Are you up for the challenge?

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Playtime Escape Rooms Incarcerated


You’ve been arrested…

Good job your plan worked - now you’re in! You need to break into the High Security Armoured Vault and steal their XJ7 missile blueprints. There is security everywhere, be careful! It is imperative no one knows your mission. Will you escape the prison in time? Cryptofactor: 9.5/10 (super-tough 14+ years only)
Playtime Escape Rooms Abandoned Reactor


You were too curious!

You discovered an abandoned reactor in the woods and now you’re stuck inside. Your adventure becomes a race to escape before the oxygen runs out…. hurry the reactor could explode! Cryptofactor: 8.5/10 (damn hard 14+ years only)
Playtime Escape Rooms Carnage

Escape Room

Welcome back to consciousness…

You have been handcuffed, you look around and see blood smeared all over the walls. Where the f*%! are you? Watch your head…. you may lose it from one wrong move. Use your wits and outsmart the killer! Cryptofactor: 9.5/10 (super-tough 14+ years only)
Escape Room Pharaoh Curse


Escape Room Black beards Cabin