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We've got some awesomely brilliant games in our centres, some you may have played before and some you haven't. So we've decided to start reviewing all of our games so you guys can see what games you want to try next time!

3 arcade game secrets you didn't know

Arcade games are already full of hidden places and surprise encounters, but here are three secrets from your favourite games you didn't know!

How can you get on the high score board of your favourite game?

Can't figure out how those people managed such big numbers on the high score table? Check out our tips for making it up there!

Welcome to Lolly Island

Make your visit to Playtime even more sweeter by stopping by Lolly Island at our Winners Vault

Classic arcade game of the month Time Crisis

Time Crisis has been an arcade favourite for over two decades. Why does it still have the same pulling power all these years later?

Classic game of the month: Big Buck Hunter

In this instalment of 'classic game of the month', we take a look at what could be Australia's favourite arcade title - Big Buck Hunter. 

Freakshakes, ice cream dreams and bite size treats

Inspired by the classic all American Milkbar, think creamy goodness & salted savouries with a FUN-Filled twist.

Game over: 3 of the worst arcade experiences of all time

The history of arcade games can boast a raft of classic titles, but that certainly doesn't mean there weren't a few strange ones. Here are three of them.

Classic game of the month: Daytona USA

There's nothing like a classic arcade game, and Daytona USA is undoubtedly one of them. Head to Playtime and enjoy the title updated for today's arcades.