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Purchasing a Playtime Gift Card is the perfect way to enter the unreality with your gift unlocking endless hours of fun.

Group Events

Playtime is perfect for a group event because it means going to toe to toe on Mario Kart, or seeing who is the air hockey champion in your squad.

In Venue bookings

You are one giant leap closer to your local PLAYTIME venue.


Playtime is not just known for arcade games, we also have escape rooms, laser, table tennis and karaoke! Visit us to see more information around this.

School Holiday Camp

Blast Off! Leave your kids with us, we’ll take them to another world at Playtime Camp these school holidays!

Playtime VIP pack

Get your name on the guest list for the ultimate arcade party! Limited numbers. Strictly under 18!

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Looking to understand a bit more about Playtime from our social visits to our Birthday parties, then you have hit the right spot.


Take your birthday party to the next level with our new Playtime birthday party packages. What could be better than letting your kids run loose in an arcade, parent of the year award goes to...

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PLAYTIME is fast becoming one of Australia's favorite arcade brands!