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Welcome to Playtime

Welcome to Playtime Chatswood!

Playtime VIP Event

Thank you to everyone who has registered for our Chatswood VIP Opening Event, our event is now FULL, how exciting! Everyone who has registered, get ready for the ultimate arcade party!

Chatswood VIP Event

Thank you for coming to Playtime Chatswoods VIP Opening Ultimate Party. Sign up for a chance to win your share of $1000 worth of prizes!

Comic Con

We have some exciting news to share! This year Playtime has partnered with Comic Con, we are unleashing our inner geek and getting on board the Comic Con train!


You know what's even better than playing arcade games? Winning awesome stuff for playing arcade games! Check out what's available in our Redemption Room for you to claim with all your hard earned tickets.


Whats that noise? It's the swish of your intercard as it swipes through the slot! Yes that’s right goodbye to the fumbling of coins, this is the easy system of Intercard.

Special Offers

Looking for a great deal on your arcade actions? Check them all out, whether you want extra credits for your cash or to take advantage of our Daily Deals, we've got you covered so you can get in more games