When creating the Playtime Winners Vault we wanted a redemption shop that would put any toy shop during Christmas to shame. And we did it!  Forget the lame redemption counters you need to stand behind and point to which prize you want, no, at Playtime you can walk in and touch, bounce, light up and even smell the prizes you want! We have loaded it full of everything you could want, we’ve got the bouncy balls and slinkys for the littlies who love that sort of thing, we’ve got an entire light up section, of all things that light up and excite, we’ve got Harry Potter merch and Pop Vinyl’s for those pop culture enthusiasts and then we have…. the platinum merch. Now this stuff is seriously cool, I highly doubt you will see what we have in any other arcade in Australia, the platinum merch includes the latest in iPhones and MacBook’s, drones, TV’s, you get the gist. 

Why wouldn’t you want to play games and earn points? You could end up with a brand-new iPhone?

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