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You are one giant leap closer to your local PLAYTIME venue. Our online booking engine is currently being given a makeover, but do not fret! We encourage you to head into venue or call our friendly team on 1300 421 567

We are ready to help you, our arcades are lit up, winners vaults stocked to the brim with the latest prizes and the milkshakes, shaken not stirred. 

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Whats that noise? It's the swish of your intercard as it swipes through the slot! Yes that’s right goodbye to the fumbling of coins, this is the easy system of Intercard.
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Our Locations

You are one step closer to enjoying our amazing Playtime Venues. Want to find your closest venue?
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You now have the ability to check how many points you have where ever you are, just enter the number on the back of your card and you’re good to go!