The gaming revolution

The arcade and gaming industry has evolved so much since its inception back in the 60’s when SEGA launched its first electro mechanical game "Periscope"! But those funny little tickets you get from the skill tester machines seemed to have been around forever! That is until NOW! 

Welcome to Playcard, a simple solution that allows you to top up credits and check the amount of points you have earned whilst playing your chosen skill tester or arcade game. No more streams and stream of tickets, no more having to count individual tickets and add them all up. It's a simple case of scanning your card to find out how much credit you have and how many points you have collected!

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Playcard Balance Checker

Enter: where your points hold the power. 

You now have the ability to check how many points you have where ever you are, just enter your 16 digit card number on the back of your card in the form below and you’re good to go! You can also use those points at any Playtime venue to play, earn and redeem. 

Game on.

1. Locate Your 16 Digit Card Number At The Back Of Your Card

Interard Front
Intercard back

2. Enter Your Card Number

Bonus Bucks:
Remaining Points:


  • Balance: The amount you load onto your card.
  • Bonus Bucks: The bonus amount you receive from purchasing our deals.
  • Points: Credits earned by playing Playtime games.