Minion Madness

A skill game that is not as easy as you think

When you thought you could escape them you were wrong – they have infiltrated the arcade room as well! And the cute and naughty Minions are here to stay. There is one thing I learnt from this game and that is this is no mere whacking game, oh I hear your chuckles behind your computers. Well all I can say in defence is you try it.

Round 1: Don't judge a book by its cover

I walk up to the mighty Minion and shrug... “pfff this is going to be easy – tickets are coming my way!” I’m just so thankful I did not say this outloud as I not only royally failed I was then showed up by a child half my age... Mortifying!

So as you have guessed this is the perfect game to vent all of that pent up emotion all the while earning those much loved credits to go towards something in that treasure trove, also known as the redemption room. However, do not walk up to the machine and think that all you have to do is hit the Minions. Well yes you have to do that but you only have to hit the naughty ones. It would have helped had a jumped on that band wagon when they exploded on to the screen in 2010. So after my pathetic first round only racking up a mere 20 credits, it was obvious that I was going to have to show this little (well rather large, actually) Minion who was boss.

Round 2: Don't mess with my pent up emotion!

Far more successful, the tricky Minions switch rapidly and ffffwhack I smack them down to size better than Taylor Swift cut Katy Perry down circa 2014. Fairly basic gameplay you smack the purple not the yellow and you smack them fast to score you as many points as possible.

A great game, again a little different to your usual smack/whack/hit/hammer redemption games so a wee bit more skill involved. But I feel walking away with 72 tickets I triumphed against those tricky purple folks!

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