Time to take a ride in the Batmobile!

Ever dreamed of putting pedal to the metal and feeling the wind in your hair as you scream through Gotham City at break neck speeds in your favourite version of the Batmobile?

Well dream no more thanks to Raw Thrills the latest Batman arcade machine puts you in the driver’s seat of the iconic Batmobile.

As a true fan of the classic Tim Burton Batman era I was excited to head out and jump in the classic dual fin Batmobile from the Batman Returns film and take it for a spin around Gotham.

The opening screen gives you the option to first pick a campaign ranging from battles between, Mr Freeze, Bane & The Joker. You are then taken to the vehicle selection screen where you can pick from one of ten different Batmobiles from across the Batman history.

The arcade cabinet makes you feel like your surrounded by Bruce Wayne technology and the custom built steering wheel gets your hands on the action with the triggers and weapon buttons easily accessed from the comfort of your seat as you fight crime one crook at a time.

As I battled my way through the Joker campaign I got the chance to try out “The Bat”, Bruce Wayne’s flying war machine, from the Dark Knight Rises film and it took the game to a whole new level incorporating action, air-flight and chaos into one exciting mission.

One of the major draw points for me was the bright LEDs that flash across the cabinet and the moulded Batman suit shadow across the seat. The seat is moulded so well that your friends could mistake you for actually being the Dark Knight himself.

As you master each mission you will eventually end up facing your chosen villain, in my case this was the Joker aboard a self destructive train, to battle it out in an explosive manner. The boss levels also made good use the of the game with incorporation of the number keypad which is usually used to track your profile.

 Overall this game isn’t the easiest machine I had handled in the arcade that day, but it sure was entertaining. The combination of lights, sounds and vibrations across the machine really made it feel as though I was handling the Batmobile through crime ridden Gotham. 

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