And step into the immersive world of Playtime, where anything is possible! 

Become a world class rally driver, a NBA superstar or a galactic fighter, the possibilities are endless with over 60 arcade games at every venue!

From classic carnival games to modern virtual reality, step into our world of unreality.

Crack the Colour Code:

Ever wondered what the different coloured readers on each game meant? Well we’ll tell you, this relates to birthday parties in particular, but also if we are doing a promotion or event it helps to show people which games are free play. 

What do the colours mean?

  • Green = unlimited play with no points awarded – includes video games and attraction games  
  • Blue = selected number of plays with no points awarded – redemption games
  • Red = not available for birthday parties - includes MA 15+ games or prize games


WE WANT YOU! To review our games.

We are looking for young adults aged 14 – 17 years of age that have an interest in gaming and creating video content. If you are successful we will give you a Go Pro and a limited free play card. In return you will use that Go Pro to review a series of games and we will post the content across our online channels. Click here for more info

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Star Wars Battle Pod

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