Playtime to Timezone FAQ's


Oh, I see you there, our curious guest! Have you come looking for some answers around the new era of Timezone, as selected Playtime venues join the family? Are you interested about your playcard? Are you excited for a taste of something new? Well you have come to the right place! 


Q: What does this mean for your local venue? 
A: We are slowly re-branding selected playtime venues, so they align with Timezone. Our name is changing, but we are still the team that you can rely on for new game info, helpful assistance and general awesomeness. I mean have you met us! 

Q: Where can I find out more information on Timezone? 
A: They have an epic website that you can check out – including other venues, games and prizes:


Q: Will my playcard still work in my local venue? 
A: Yes, it will, however we will assist you in venue to change from a playcard to a Powercard. No this doesn’t include the ability to throw lightening from your hands, but it does mean you will have access to all Timezone venues. Here is more info on the awesome Powercards.

Q: Will my points + credit transfer across to Timezone? 
A: Yes, they will! We want you to still be in the running to collect enough tickets to win our biggest prizes. 

Q: Once I change to a Powercard, can I go use this in any ZONE BOWLING or Kingpin venue
A: We are in the process of changing all our venues to accept Powercards, however if you change to Powercard and go to a venue that is still on the Playcard system, you are unable to play in venue with the new Powercard you have. Once you go Powercard, you can not go back to Playcard. You can however purchase a new Playcard in venue if you would like. Here are a list of venues that are now on the Powercard system: 
  • PLAYTIME Miranda
  • PLAYTIME Penrith Panthers
Q: Can I change my card over in any Timezone venue? 
A: Unfortunately, you need to go back to your local Playtime venue to get the card changed over. Please see a list of venues you can do this at: 

  • PLAYTIME Miranda
  • PLAYTIME Penrith Panthers

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