Game over: 3 of the worst arcade experiences of all time


The history of video games is littered with classics both historic and modern. From the beautifully simple Pong to the juggernaut that is Pokemon, the industry has given us some truly spectacular instalments to occupy, fascinate and amaze us. This is especially true within arcades where the very best games, even the ones that are decades old, continue to be popular and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, there are always exceptions, and throughout the years there have been a few true duds. While they were reviled at the time of their release, nostalgia and a certain 'kitsch factor' have resulted in some of these games becoming popular again - largely due to just how bizarre they are. In this blog, we've compiled a list of three of the worst and weirdest arcade experiences of all time - which you certainly won't find at your local Playtime.

1. Bubbles

This 1982 release gets a spot on our list due to the sheer drudgery of its premise. Nobody enjoys cleaning their home, and heading out to the arcade is actually one of the best ways to escape the boredom of chores. The developers of Bubble decided to bring the two together with a game that revolved around cleaning a sink. As the titular bubble, players are responsible for absorbing as much dirt and dust as possible - growing with each morsel. Watch out though, as you grow bigger you'll become more susceptible to sponges. Confused? So was everyone else.

2. BurgerTime

Also released in 1982, BurgerTime channelled the same focus on everyday tasks as Bubbles, but this time with a cooking angle. In a nutshell, the player's job is to construct as many burgers as possible without being struck by one of his pursuers. Who are they, you ask? Well obviously they are giant hot dogs and eggs. Perhaps they were upset about not being included in the meals, but either way, the likes of Mr Pickle (not a joke) were out for blood.

3. Shaq Attaq

If there's one style of arcade game you'd think would be impossible to mess up, it's got to be pinball. There are thousands of variations on the simple formula, but almost all of them are great fun. Shaq Attaq bucks this trend, featuring NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal and boasting a soundtrack so annoying people even walked away from it without getting their money's worth. Despite this, the title has become something of a cult phenomenon, so if you ever see one, give Shaq Attaq a go. 

Fortunately, here at Playtime we specialise in only the most exciting arcade games, so head on down and enjoy yourself!