Classic game of the month: Daytona USA


In the world of arcade games, there are a few hallowed titles that evoke intense memories for anybody fortunate enough to have played them. We're talking about the cream of the crop here - those select few games which have an almost magical aura about them, and never fail to live up to the hype. 

Of all these titles, few are as revered as Daytona USA. The game practically defined everything that a racing experience should be, and laid down the blueprint for hundreds of similar instalments which would follow over the years and grow to be a cornerstone of the industry. Restored and reissued by original creator SEGA, you can now experience this classic game with a modern twist at your local Playtime arcade.

The making of a classic

The original Daytona USA was first released as an exclusive for the Japanese market in 1993. The success of the title was so huge that it was shared with the world a year later, and praised for its incredible 3D graphics. Not only did the game serve as an exhilarating ride for arcade fanatics, but it also drew in the petrol heads thanks to it's hyper-realistic controls and gameplay which, for the time, was as close as you could get to a real driving experience. 

In the years since its release, Daytona USA has become one of the most beloved and profitable arcade titles of all time. It frequently ranks in lists of the best 100 games ever made, and continues to be a favourite at arcades across the world. 

Same chassis, new engine

Considering how immensely popular Daytona USA has been in its lifetime, it's no real surprise that people have been clamouring for an updated version that makes use of modern arcade technology. The eagerly anticipated refurbishment features a high definition, 32 inch screen, along with revamped graphics and a higher frame rate. Fortunately, SEGA knows not to mess with a good thing, and has left the controls and driving experience alone, allowing adults to rediscover the classic tracks and kids to enjoy them for the very first time.

No trip to the arcade is complete without taking Daytona USA for a test drive, and the remake perfectly updates it for the modern gamer, but without sacrificing that intangible 'soul' that made it so popular in the first place. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Playtime today and get behind the wheel!