3 arcade game secrets you didn't know


It's been 20 years since the Konami code was first built into a Nintendo game, and throughout that time, developers have enjoyed hiding cheat codes and secrets in their creations almost as much as gamers have enjoyed searching for them for whatever prizes they can find.

Take a look at these arcade game secrets that you probably never knew!

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, and its various versions, has been a fan favourite for decades, but just last month, one fan took it to the next level and discovered a long-hidden secret.

A YouTuber by the name of Mike reportedly discovered a hidden menu that lets you unlock new characters, run diagnostics and even watch all 'fatality' kills in the game (which you can only do normally once you've clocked the whole game on the hardest level).

So how do you unlock this secret? Simply push 'Player 1 Block' five times, then 'Player 2 Block' 10 times, then 'Player 1 Block' two times, 'Player Two Block' once, 'Player 1 Block' twice, 'Player 2 Block' three times and finally 'Player One block' four times. You really have to wonder why no one found it sooner, don't you?

Super Smash Bros

The jury is out on whether this secret was a glitch or a purposeful Easter egg added in by the game creators, but either way it's a good one to try.

Start by entering in melee mode with the main controller plugged into slot three. You've got to then put the cursor for slot three over the name entry, but don't press it just yet. Use the other controller to select any character then cover the cursor over the back button. Then at the same time, push A on both controllers.

When the game begins, you'll be playing as the secret character of the Master Hand.

Donkey Kong

And the award for The Most Effort Required for the Smallest Easter Egg goes to Donkey Kong!

In 2008, Atari programmer Landon M. Dyer wrote about programming in the 1980s for website Dad Hacker, and mentioned that there was a thus-far undiscovered secret in Donkey Kong - but that "it's totally not worth it, and I don't remember how to bring it up anyway". It was the comment that spawned a massive hunt for the egg, and by 2009 the secret was out.

Gamer Don Hodges was the first to discover it by closely inspecting the coding behind the game, which is unsurprising once you consider the insane hoops you have to jump through. First you have to set a new high score that's in the 37,000s, 73,000s, or 77,000s. Then you kill all your remaining lives, with the last one via falling. THEN you set the game to level four difficulty, and finally you wait as it cycles through the demo screen.

Once you're back on the title screen, the letters 'LMD' appear at the bottom - Landon's initials. So, yeah, not really worth it.