Welcome to Lolly Island

Lolly Island

How amazing is the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Remember when they entered the candy land and your eyes lit up seeing that chocolate river….

At Playtime, we have created our own candy land…welcome to Lolly Island, no you can’t walk on it, we may not have edible flowers or cute little Oompa Loompas however we do guarantee when you walk in your eyes will light up. The Playtime Lolly Islands are located within the infamous Winners Vault, enter and you will find our not so buried treasure, we have small hard lollies, large soft gummies, long sticks of sugar and short tubes of squeeze.

We have the fan favourites, the ones you just can’t go past, the Zappos! Not only do we have Zappos we have Wicked Fizz, TNT, Fizzers, Trolli and more! Can you feel your mouth salivating?

To top it off we’ve also thrown in themed lollies! We have 12 Minion characters to collect, each with a surprise inside, seriously who doesn’t love those banana loving fiends! For those Star Wars enthusiasts, you can redeem a Storm Trooper or Darth Vader gum ball dispenser with included gum balls or for those summer months, why not a hand-held fan filled with jelly beans?

Now what is the most highly sort out treasure on Lolly Island, equalling more than 200,000 redemptions over a 6-month period, making it the highest redeemed prize in our entire Winners Vault. It’s not what you think, or maybe it is, it’s the spine chilling, tongue tingling, eyes watering, Warheads!

Surely, you’re ready to venture to Lolly Island and find out for yourself how sweet winning really is. Check out our locations page to find your nearest Playtime.