Why video games at home aren't the same as at the arcade


The landscape of video games has changed considerably since the early days of arcades in the 1970s and 80s. Back then, if you wanted to play the best and latest, you headed on down to your local arcade and spend a few glorious hours fighting space invaders and keeping Ms Pac-Man safe from ghosts. Today, things are different, and most of us are now able to play games from the comfort of our couch. That's great sometimes, but there's still a very unique thrill that comes from the communal nature of arcades and is very hard to replicate. 

Fortunately, you can still get a slice of vintage-style gaming down at your local Playtime - the best arcade centres in Australia. Read on to find out why this is so different to gaming at home. 

Better together

Perhaps the most important aspect of arcade games versus playing at home is the social element. Like all games, playing with other people is lot more fun than slogging things out on your own. This may mean facing off against your buddies for the ultimate Tekken bragging rights, or simply crowding around to watch a new high score being set. No matter how you're interacting with your fellow gamers, it's something that doesn't really have an equivalent outside the arcade. 

Choices galore

If you're a fan of classic games, you could always try and find an old machine to install in your home, but these can be quite expensive. Unless you're really willing to shell out, you'll be stuck playing one thing for hours on end {make 2 sentences}. That's not what the arcade is about! Instead you'll want to flit between all of the amazing games as you see fit, whether that's the ones you remember from your childhood or the very latest and greatest. 

It's a grand day out

Because video games are so common at home, playing them doesn't always feel special. In some ways it's become no different to watching TV. Fortunately though, your local Playtime centre bucks this trend, providing a great day out no matter what type of games your playing. There's nothing quite like heading out with your mates and having a grand day out. Of course, nostalgia plays a big part here, helping to contribute to a special sense of occasion that you simply don't get at home. 

While all sorts of games are great fun and an important part of modern entertainment, there's still something extra magical about the arcade that you just can't beat.