The history of minions: Where did they come from?

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Despicable Me was originally released back in 2010, and at the time, we reckon no one would have picked the popularity of the film's small, Tic-Tac shaped, yellow, mumbling, bumbling minions. The creators say that the reason they were there in the first place was to be likeable (we think they can tick that off the list) and therefore make Gru a little more likable, too.

Three years later we were treated to the second installment, Despicable Me 2. By this time, there was no question - the odd little evil minions were the star of the show. Of course, it wasn't long before they literally did become the star (stars) of the show in 2015 with the film Minions'.

They are everywhere. They're on phone cases, cakes, nail art designs, tattoos, in colouring books, and toy shops, and Minion Madness has even invaded your local arcade, and it's not just the kids buying up the merchandise.

So how on Earth did minions come to exist?

When directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud spoke to the LA Times back in 2013, they shared some vital history on the minions. As it turned out, they're the result of inspiration that stems from both the Oompa-Loompas from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film, and the Jawas from the first Star Wars film ever made (A New Hope, episode IV). So much for our theory about the Tic-Tacs.

Did you know that there are 899 minions in the 2015 film? There are - and they're all technically the same person. Co-creator Pierre Coffin did the voiceover work for every single one of them. Pierre himself speaks English, but you wouldn't guess it from listening to his Jawa-Loompa creations, who speak a language known as Minionese. Minionese is a mix of more than half a dozen different languages - plus a hefty serving of plain old gibberish for good measure.

What's next for the minions?

Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of them yet.

Just recently, we've heard word that a new short film (there are a series of them!) featuring our favourite talking yellow Tic-Tacs, titled Mower Minions, is set to show before all screenings of 'The Secret Life of Pets'. We also know that 'Despicable Me 3' is slated for release in 2017, which will no doubt also include our beloved minions. Plus, for anyone who hung around until the end of the credits after the Minions movie, it's got to be a given that there will be a story to tell following that!

And of course, you'll be seeing them around our Playtime locations for a while yet!