The best of Playtime arcades now at ZONE BOWLING and Kingpin


Every Australian knows that the very best gaming experiences can be found at their local Playtime centre, but now you can double the fun with fully fitted-out arcades at ZONE BOWLING and Kingpin locations across the country. Now, no matter what sort of experience you're looking for, it's possible to switch between bowling, great food, laser skirmish and classic arcade experiences. 

From Playtime at Kingpin Townsville in Queensland to Playtime at ZONE BOWLING Penrith in New South Wales, there are so many more places to enjoy the very best of classic and cutting edge gaming. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways you can enjoy the arcades at ZONE BOWLING and Kingpin. 

The perfect break

Bowling and laser skirmish are physical. If you want to clean up the competition, you'll need to be at the very top of your game with complete focus and concentration. After all, that's part of the fun, but sometimes you do need a break after hitting strike after strike in a blistering run of form. And what better way to relax between games than to hit the arcade and zone out with a classic racing game like Daytona, or one of our other fantastic titles. 

The full package

If you're looking to host a corporate function or group event, you'll be looking for a venue with as many different activities as possible. ZONE BOWLING and Kingpin already boast a host of different ways to play, but adding Playtime arcades takes that to a whole new level. Now, it's simple to choose between range of different options, all you have to do is walk to the next room! This is also great for kids birthdays - opening up a whole new way to have fun. 

Carry on the competition

One of the great things about ZONE BOWLING and Kingpin is that you get to challenge your mates to feats of skill and endurance. Whether that's on the bowling lanes or in the laser tag arena, a bit of healthy competition is always great fun. There's no reason you can't all be on the same team though, so if you're looking for a more cooperative experience, simply head into the arcade, jump on a two-player game and hone those teamwork skills. 

These are just a few of the new ways that you can play at ZONE BOWLING or Kingpin centres with a Playtime arcade. So what are you waiting for? Book online today and start working out which activity you want to try first!