Summer Prize Haul


The Summer break is here and the Playtime team are ready to make sure you have the best Summer ever! That means we’ve got the latest and greatest games up and running, like Independence Day at Crown or the newest Point Blank X up at Chermside! We’ve also jam packed the Winner’s Vault with the newest and Summer-ready Redemption Prizes for you to get your hands on.

The team in venue have put their heads together and come up with the perfect list of Summer Prizes for you to redeem and make your holidays at least 200% better!


The Polaroid Camera has taken many shapes and forms over the years, but this Summer it’s all about the Fujifilm Instax Polaroid. These cute little numbers come in a range of colours and are the perfect item to document your fun all Summer long. Redeem one in your favourite colour and don’t forget to grab some extra film so you can be taking happy snaps all holidays!


Long drives, days at the beach & down at the park for a spot of cricket. All of these occasions have to be accompanied by a soundtrack and the perfect way to project that tune is through a Bluetooth Speaker! Forget about crowding over a mobile phone, connect this little banger by Bluetooth and pick the tunes from your favourite playlist.


Summer down under is no mild affair! The days are bound to heat up and if you aren’t by the pool or down at your nearest beach then you are going to need some cooling down ASAP! Well the crew at Playtime have you sorted, head down to your nearest venue and round up those tickets. Once you are loaded with jackpots grab a $5 Unlimited Freeze from selected venues then redeem one of these super nifty fan bottle spray combos! Not only will a cool breeze roll through, but you’ll be able to keep it chilled with a misty spray!

So Summer is here and the Winner’s Vault is stocked, load up your playcard and hit the games. Don’t forget we also have air con in your nearest venue…