Straight out of Chermside


Featured this month is our Playtime Chermside, Manager on Duty, Bec Xenos! Bec has been with the team since we swung open the doors at our new venue in Westfield Chermside, north of Brisbane. Check out her interview below:

What’s the greatest thing about working at Playtime? What does the brand mean to you?
The best thing about working at playtime is the team! Everyone is supportive of one another and always encourage a fun and enjoyable work environment. The second best is of course the rewards and team discount.

What’s your favourite NEW game? Do you have any hints how to win?

Crossy Road! Just like the app available, but only better! With a bit of practice and enough patience you’re able to get those bonus points that can make all the difference!

What is the hottest game at the moment?

Mario Kart is easily the hottest game in venue at the moment. It offers the best of both worlds, allowing guests to compete with each other and also have a lot of fun!

Who would you challenge to a game of Tekken, living or dead?  

My child, because it may be the only chance I would have to win!

What’s the best thing about Playtime Chermside?

My absolute favourite is the Escape Rooms, followed closely by the eClaw games. Especially the claw machine filled with giant minions! 

How does it feel to be the first Playtime venue to house Cryptology Escape Rooms? What is the most popular room?

It is awesome to be able to host the pioneering escape rooms for playtime venues and path the way for other sites. The most popular room is our Total Carnage room. A scene straight from a horror movie. To begin this pitch-black, challenging room you are shackled, literally!

How many times have you tried the escape rooms? Have you ever escaped?

I have tried 2 escape rooms. Total Carnage being the first room with a group of 6. We were fortunate enough to escape with 12 minutes to spare. Incarcerated proved a difficult room that fellow teammates and I took on. We made it to the very last step before time ran out. I am looking forward to taking on the Abandoned Reactor soon! 

Top Spin is also a new activity for Playtime, have you picked up and tips or tricks having a table tennis arena in venue?

30 minutes is just not enough! I always go for the one hour tables to make sure we don’t have to rush and really enjoy the experience. The more friends the better the games can be!

Final question, how many hotdogs have you eaten from the hotdog cart?

Whenever given the chance, I cannot pass up the hotdog cart!