Star Wars Battle Pod: An out of this world arcade game

star wars

As a parent, there are a few huge moments that you'll have to face as your kids grown older. From the first day of school to driving lessons and eventually leaving home, there are countless experiences to look forward to as your children make their way into adulthood. Some of these are more important than others though, and perhaps most important of all is the day that you introduce your offspring to Star Wars.

This certainly isn't an occasion that should be taken lightly, and you'll certainly need a plan for how to approach this delicate topic. You could start with the original films, or perhaps the more recent instalments. Either way, they're sure to love them, and be left wanting more. Fortunately for them, the adventure can continue down at your local Playtime centre with Star Wars Battle Pod! Read on to find out more. 

Star Wars Battle Pod

Star Wars has always had a history of great arcade games, dating back to the very first in the series in the 1980s. Back then, arcades were at the peak of their power, and there was a great connection between the most popular games and the movies - allowing kids to relive their favourite moments from the silver screen. 

In recent years though, this has actually dropped off a bit, and before Battle Pod there actually hadn't been a new Star Wars arcade game for quite some time. Fortunately, though, the new title delivers, featuring classic scenes from the original trilogy including Hoth, Yavin and even a special bonus level called Vader's Revenge, which features content not seen in the films! 

Strap in and blast off

Like other Star Wars games have done in the past, Battle Pod pushes the limits of what you might expect from an arcade experience. Rather than simply watching the action unfolding in front of your, Battle Pod makes you feel as though you're really a part of it. This is accomplished through a special dome-shaped screen that puts the environment all around you. When combined with other 4D effects such as music and sound effects, the experience really makes you feel as if you're in a galaxy far, far away. 

Of course, like all good arcade games, Star Wars Battle Pod works perfectly with two players. Both you and your kid can strap into the pilot seats, and compete alongside each other in your defence of the rebel base from the evil Empire. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring the kids down to Playtime and experience Star Wars Battle Pod and all of our other games for yourselves!