Playtime Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays

Schools out for Winter and that means, no more studying, extra long sleep ins and more time to spend at your nearest Playtime venue. Whether or not you’ve been to a Playtime in the last week or last month, we’ve planned out the perfect way to spend the cold Winter in the warmth of our arcade.

First things first, let’s get a group of friends together and get onto some multiplayer showdowns. Whether that kicks off on the nearest Skee Ball, seeing who can roll the top score, or sees you shooting hoops on our Basketball cabinets, taking shots from downtown, there is always a chance to spend time with your friends and deliver some banter. What makes it even better if you load up with our Bonus Bucks you will score extra credit from reloads between $15 and $100!

Next up let’s not go hungry with all that fun! Why not grab a bite to eat or something refreshing to drink and grab a bonus $5 credit when you spend $10 on any food and drink in the venue! Just because you’ve run out of credit and worked up a hunger it doesn’t mean you need to go home just yet, use that $5 credit to see if you can final smash that high score.

Now if you are lucky to be near our Chermside, Chatswood or Eastland venue make sure you give TopSpin Table Tennis a go and challenge a few friends to a Table Tennis tournament that is set to rival any professional rally. You can even catch a few rallies at our Playtime @ locations in Kingpin North Strathfield and Darwin. For those lucky to be around Chermside why not follow that up with a Cryptology Escape Room for you and up to 6 friends. You could be setting a new record time and be featured on our Leaderboard this Winter!

We are sure that you will find something to enjoy at Playtime this Winter Break, whether it is some hot laps on Daytona or just a casual test of skill on a skill tester. So find your latest venue today and enjoy the holidays whilst they last!