Platinum Prize Round 2


Following the huge success of our inaugural Platinum Prize back in August of this year, Playtime are excited to announce our second Platinum Prize on offer in Redemption Zones across the country.

This one’s going to be a big one! We’ve got our hands on a genuine Pac Man arcade cabinet! Yes, that’s right a full size classic cab, perfect for your Lounge Room, Man Cave, Upstairs Bathroom or Back Shed. This bad boy is perfect to relive those high scores and challenge your friends to the simple but oh so enjoyable masterpiece.

Now for those who couldn’t manage to put together the massive 1 Million points we had on offer for our Vespa Scooter last time round, this time we’ve decided to drop the points down to 650,000 points, to give everyone a good chance at taking home this once in a lifetime redemption prize.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Platinum Prize Posse, then check out all the details in your nearest Playtime venue and start earning those points!