Oz Comic Con Wrap Up

Comic Con

Good Morning boys, girls and everything in between...

That was the signal that Comic Con Sydney had begun. If you’re a self-confessed pop culture enthusiast no doubt you would have been at one, two or all three of the East Coast Oz Comic Con (OCC) shows like us! Feeling the post comic con blues yet?  We know the feeling! As a national partner, Playtime was in prime position in the gaming zone, showing off two of our most popular games, including the legendary Crossy Road, the new age Frogger for all those old school gamers out there and the latest Mario Kart Arcade DX Twin Racer. Clearly a competition was in play, with a hunger to beat the high score, we had everyone vying for bragging rights - there was sibling rivalry, battle of the cosplayers, even the Comic Con Vollies were in on the action!

If free game play wasn’t enough you could also win a chance to spin our stellar Playtime Prize wheel. Come on… how many of you saw that thing light up and just wanted a spin? How many saw the wheel and took a sneaky spin anyway? I know the team did every chance they got! But it wasn’t all just sparkly lights, there were awesome prizes straight out of the Winners Vault to be won - everything from Mario and Luigi, finger spinners and pop vinyls, lollies and Avengers, it’s fair to say we had some incredibly happy winners!

No event is complete without an after party – so just to keep the game alive Playtime threw an official, unofficial after party, dubbed “Superhero Saturday” – come as you are, or as you’d like to be. Any Champions of Disguise that came into a Playtime venue dressed in cosplay scored themselves half an hour free game play and bonus points to be used in the Winners Vault. Not to mention the fun competitions and general awesomeness injected by our Super Human Playtime Team!

Now, it’s not over ‘til it’s over and then not even… We’ve welcomed a steady stream of our friends from Comic Con through the doors of Playtime ever since waving their wristbands for the bonus 30 minutes free game play they scored just for attending. Who doesn’t love free game play? #winning

The final Oz Comic Con show wrapped up this weekend in Sydney and the cogs have already started turning, thinking of ways we can make next year even bigger and better, if you have any ideas use our contact us page, to let us know. In the meantime we have to say farewell to all our Oz Comic Con friends, “Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle.”`