Nintendo land announced for Tokyo!

Mario World

For decades, gamers have been the misunderstood generation. Society looks at them and thinks they are anti-social because they stay indoors. They think gamers waste time. They think gamers are missing out on life. Meanwhile, gamers have friends all over the world from inside the game and spend time enjoying their hobbies just like everyone else, racking up accomplishments on the high score boards and generally just keeping out of trouble.

Times a'changing

These days, however, gaming as a hobby is starting to be taken seriously. It's got massive championships for the best gamers on the planet, and now, the Mecca of gaming has been announced - and it's coming to a Tokyo near you.

It all began when Nintendo stated that it would let Universal Studios have the rights to some of its properties in order to build theme park rides. At the time, we didn't know which of our favourite games would be involved, where it would all go down, or even when we could expect it.

Super Mario World?

Now, we've got a good idea of what we can look forward to. Universal Studios is reportedly investing US$350 million into a theme park that is set to rival Harry Potter world in Florida, and it looks like we can expect it to open in Tokyo by 2020 (conveniently, this is also the year when Tokyo will host the Olympics).

To make matters even more exciting, it appears that the whole thing will have a big focus on Mario - the karts, Luigi, and the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

Frankly, we're pretty sure we're more excited than anyone who isn't legally allowed to drink yet. We'll be there racing around in Super Mario karts, shooting through tubes in a Mario-esque maze, and sword fighting against evil with Link (from Zelda) to save Princess Peach - at least, that's what we're hoping we'll be able to do. As it's Nintendo, there should also be some kind of Donkey Kong magic, something epic to do with Yoshi, and hopefully a bunch of quests we can do in the world of Zelda.

We don't know too much more just yet, although we can confirm that it will be built on the current Universal Studios Japan (USJ) location, in a spot currently used for events. And for those of you who love Harry Potter and other classics just as much as you love Mario and Luigi, there's plenty of that already at USJ as well.

What a time to be alive. One-way ticket to Tokyo, anyone?