Meet the Team Edwin Hong


Meet the team- Edwin Hong – Party Host


Edwin is one of our Playtime Party Hosts at Playtime Chatswood and been working with us for 3 months.


What’s the greatest thing about working at Playtime?


Playtime is a great place to work because we are encouraged to have fun all the time, we get to challenge our guests on games and the kids love that especially. I have such a fun team of people to work with too.


What’s your favourite game and what is your highest score?


My favourite game would have to be Guitar Hero, I think my highest score is around 40,000.


What is the hottest game at the moment?


MT5 (Maximum Tune 5), we always have a crowd of people playing it. Also Wizard of Oz is constantly full of people.

Who would you love to challenge to a lap of MT5?


Hugh Jackman



What do you think of the NEW Playtime Birthdays? Have you had any funny stories?


The new Parties are good, it’s so easy for the Parents because everything is already organised and prepared and they don’t have to think about adding any food to their package because its already included. Playtime parties are great for the kids too because they get to challenge us as party hosts to get some extra points on their card and they love that. My funny story is- When I was running a party the Macarena came on and all my kids got up on the stage and started doing the Macarena together, it was a lot of entertainment and we had a crowd of people watching them.