Here's why Easter is made for family bonding!


       There's a surly teen in your house that you're not sure belongs there. You're not too sure if that person in the kitchen making coffee is your partner. And there's a kid on the couch reading a book, even though your child isn't reading books that big yet.

       Or are they?

       If it's really been that long since you've spent time with your family that you're not entirely sure what they look like any more, it may be time to log a few good hours of quality family bonding time. And of course, Playtime is designed just for families to hang out together (maybe that teen is your son after all).

       Here's why Easter, Playtime and family bonding go together like Harry, Ron and Hermione.

       Old school cool

       Let's get the first thing straight - no 'family activity' is fun unless the whole family actually enjoys it. Playtime has got you covered, as the grown ups get a little jog down memory lane with classic arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Centipede, Tekken 7 and even Ghost. Playing these games is one of the closest things you'll ever feel to time travel (probably), but it's also a great way to look cool in front of the kids (let's face it, you don't stand much of a chance at being as good at one of the new arcade games) and teach them a thing or two about giant scary gorilla things.

       What's wrong with a little competition?

       Nothing. Nothing is wrong. Even against your kids, and even when you don't let them win (it's good morale-building stuff, we reckon). With the range of games and the incredible luck that some beginners seem to have, it's pretty likely you'll all win some and lose some throughout the day. It's a good way to see what everyone in the family excels at, and also what they don't do so well in.

       Who needs first place?

       Naturally, everyone loves to win prizes by getting first place - kids especially. But some of the real magic of a day at Playtime is that you don't need to win to enjoy it. You don't even need to actually be good at it! 

       Meals mean bonds

       Sharing a meal together is an age-old form of bonding that goes back way before that first nervous caveguy asked a cavegal out on a dinner date. Get together with the family at Playtime for tasty treats such as salted caramel bliss bombs, Oreo triple choc crunch, the pink magic that is fairy floss, or any number of delightful delicacies that you can only really get away with ordering when you're with kids.

       Get your game on

       There's something about games that brings everyone together. Even if you all run in separate directions to play your own games of beer pong, Terminator, Jurassic Park or Star Wars, you'll still all come back together to rave about your new high scores, how you scored a jump shot at the hoops in the final second, or took a corner like a pro as a rally driver at Daytona.

       Come and visit us over the long weekend this Easter, but please note our opening hours are as follows:

Good Friday 10 a.m.  - Close
Easter Saturday 9 a.m. - Close
Easter Sunday 10 a.m. - Close
Easter Monday 10 a.m. - Close