Everything you need to know about the Bonus Bucks deal


When you're enjoying the hospitality at Playtime, it's safe to say that the longer you play, the more fun you and your family have. Regardless of whether you're trying to become an NBA superstar or playing another of the 60 arcade games available, the saddest part is always when it's time to go home.

So, why not extend your visit to the Playtime Arcade with our big value Bonus Bucks packages? Take a read of our article below to find out everything you need to know.

How much bonus do I get?

Essentially, this comes down to the amount of money you spend. The more money you buy for skill testers, Time Crisis or Maxi Tune the more bonus we'll give back - see, we're nice like that!

Here is a simple breakdown on the Bonus Bucks packages:

Buy $15 = $5 Bonus
Buy $25 = $10 Bonus
Buy $35 = $15 Bonus
Buy $65 = $30 Bonus
Buy $100 = $50 Bonus

Our helpful team will be able to remind you that this is available to make sure you don't miss out!

Where can I spend my Bonus Bucks?

It's always fun to spend time with family and friends at Playtime, but even better when you can have fun for free. With your Bonus Bucks, you will be able to play a wider variety of arcade games or challenge your uncle to a re-match after he beats you at Mario Kart!

Additionally, if you have a little more in your back pocket, you can try to outdo your personal high score on a game or even attempt to have the highest ever score and land yourself a place on our leaderboard. This is published on our website - the more you attempt a game, the more chance you have to grab that top score.

Of course, after getting so many more games with your Bonus Bucks, you might start to feel a little hungry. This is where our Bonus Bucks packages can work in your favour.

Take yourself down to our range of food stalls and cafes and enjoy a cool drink or ice-cream with all those dollars you didn't have to load into your Playcard. Looking for something a little more substantial? Maybe grab a burger or a hot-dog before you get back to the action.

At Playtime, we know that it's sad when it's time to go home. As such, extend your day with the help of Bonus Bucks!