Classic game of the month: Jurassic Park


There aren't many films out there that are truly essential viewing. We're not talking good movies here, but real cultural touchstones that have become so embedded in our cultural fabric that it's genuinely shocking when you come across somebody who hasn't seen them. 

"Jurassic Park" is one such film, and from its instantly recognisable score through to endlessly quotable lines, the public just can't get enough of the franchise. With the recent "Jurassic World" becoming a box office monster, it's hardly surprising that the series is once again a focal point of attention, and there's no better way to escape into the incredible world created by Steven Spielberg than to take Jurassic Park Arcade for a spin at your nearest Playtime centre.

Bringing a classic to life

Developed by Raw Thrills, Jurassic Park Arcade follows in the footsteps of countless great arcade games based on the film series. The most popular of these was arguably Jurassic Park Lost World, which remains a classic to this day. The newest title is a bit different though, combining elements from all of the films to create a mash-up of everything we remember and love from the movies. 

Best of all, the latest in arcade technology means that Jurassic Park Arcade brings dinosaurs to life like never before, with over 30 species, nine unique missions and a hugely impressive 55 inch high definition screen. That Tyrannosaurus Rex bearing down on you has never looked so frightening!

Welcome... To Jurassic Park!

So what's the game play like? Well, as you'd expect with anything based on the Jurassic Park franchise, it's fast-paced and exciting. The cabinet itself sets the tone from the very beginning - it's reminiscent of the famous Jeeps from the original film, but with the added bonus of a giant dinosaur standing on top! Once you hop aboard, things only get better, with two fully-featured guns providing you with the protection you'll need on the isolated Costa Rican islands these dinosaurs call home. 

Essentially each level involves a set route in your Jurassic Jeep, all while angry dinos are trying to take a bite out of you. With 60 frame per second action and the developer's 'Thrill-D' technology, the game really does put players into the world of the films, providing hours of fun for serious gamers and fans of the films alike. It's also a great co-op game, so what are you waiting for? Grab a mate and head to Playtime to loose yourself in a time when when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.