Arcade Autumn

Arcade Autumn

The time is now to get down to your nearest Playtime venue and take advantage of Arcade Autumn! Elly Awesome has the inside scoop on what’s happening in venues across the country, so check it all out in the video below:

Get down to your nearest Playtime and make sure to grab a $100 Bonus Bucks pack and load up with $50 extra credit as well as a chance to win a whole bunch of prizes and points as part of our Playtime Wheel!

Don’t forget you can book your kids in for Playtime Camp to give them some fun time in our venue, whilst you get time to yourself these holidays.

For $25 your child can have 2 hours of fun in our Playtime venue and also score a loaded Playcard with 100 points so they can redeem something fun in our Winner’s Vault at the end of the camp.

Click here to read all the details and BOOK IN.