4 holiday activities that will get your kids out of the house

4 holiday activities

School holidays are officially here, and that means one thing for parents - finding ways to keep their kids occupied without parking them in front of the TV screen for hours on end. It can be a bit of a challenge getting your child to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but there are plenty of fun activities you can use to entice them away from their phones and iPads. Let's take a look at four of them.

1. Head to the beach

Australia is blessed with some of the nicest summer weather anywhere in the world and if you want your kids to enjoy it, then heading to the beach is a great option. From swimming between the flags to building sand castles, there are plenty of different ways to have fun along the coastline.

2. Go on an adventure

Kids are innately curious, and the thought of heading out on an adventure is always pretty enticing to them. You don't have to 'really' be heading out on a quest, but adding a bit of fun to simple tasks such as getting the groceries can be just the trick to getting your children to come along with you and tear their eyes away from the screen. "First person to find the whole wheat pasta wins!"

3. Sign up for a holiday program

If you're stuck for ideas or don't have time to ferry your kids from activity to activity, a school holiday program can be the perfect solution. From the moment they get dropped off, children are surrounded by awesome things to do and other kids to play with. It's an absolute win-win, and there are plenty of different programs to choose from depending on what your kids are into.

4. Head to Playtime!

Of course, if your kids really don't want to stop playing video games, there is a solution. You can bring them on down to your local Playtime venue, where they will be introduced to the wonderful magic of the arcade! Here, there are so many games to choose from that they'll forget all about staying home, and as an added bonus there are heaps of other kids to play with too, so there'll still be plenty of running around and staying active.

The school holidays don't have to be a challenge for parents. Simply find an activity that your kids are excited about and book it online. You may just find that you get a thrill out of playing some classic arcade games too!