17 Things You Only Understand if You Are Under 17

teen hangout

You swear that unicorns are real

You don’t need to have been born post-2013 to understand unicorns are a legitimate trend. Unicorn hair, unicorn desserts and unicorn make-up are just the start.

You’ve had that pimple talk

Is there anything worse than when you have a giant zit and your aunt/grandmother/family friend says, “Nobody can even see it!” even though they clearly can?

You are seriously considering doing a face-full glitter challenge

Get ready to sparkle.

You understand that stashing is not just for presents

You know it's time for an upgrade when you realise your boyfriend/girlfriend has been "stashing" you — basically hiding you and not introducing you to family and friends.

You know the last line of Hannah Montana off by heart

We heart Miley Cyrus.

It’s crucial to have somewhere to go that’s not your parents’ living room

Better yet, it’s great to have somewhere to hang out with arcade games like Playtime.

You have to show your Mum how to work Netflix on a daily basis

Point and click, Mum. Point and click.

Your parents are terrified you’re going to grow up and be a hacker

What they don’t realise is that hackers aren’t just kids in hoodies — that it’s an actual job these days.

There’s nothing like a freakshake at Playtime to make you forget everything

Shakes so good (and good-looking) you’ll need to Instagram them.

You can argue for and against the new Tay Tay

If you disagree with someone on whether old Taylor Swift or new Taylor Swift is better as if it's a friendship-ending event.

You know a (selfie) picture is worth a thousand words

And, no, the world is not going to end just because teenagers take selfies.

Your Halloween costume is Eleven from Stranger Things 

Creepiest pink collar dress ever.

Dads can get a liiiiitttle intense when it comes to protecting their daughters

Especially when it involves boys.

Everyone needs an anime-like hairstyle

Whether it’s Astro Boy, Pokemon or Attack on Titan, just about anyone would look better with a haircut from a Japanese anime cartoon like the ones you see at Comic-Con.

You’re certain that when you can vote the world will be a better place

Why, exactly, can you join the army at 17, but not vote until you’re 18?

There’s a war happening in your living room

Well, there will be if I can win an Xbox at Playtime.