Mission: Best Birthday Party...Like EVER!

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At your local PLAYTIME we know how to throw a birthday party like no other! Arcades have been a staple of video game culture for generations, and there are few activities as fun as rampaging through some of the classics.

So which arcade games could you enjoy in our PLAYTIME venues?

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump was once simply an app game for iOS and Android devices, but it has since come alive on the big arcade screen for an even better experience. In fact, with a 4.2 out of 5-star ranking on the Google Play store (voted by over 800,000 users), it's something of a modern classic.

The Jump of Doodles is a bit like an endless runner game, only you are jumping forever upwards, rather than running along a track. How high can you get?

Dance Dance Revolution

Forget modern classics, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) has been beloved by arcadegoers for nearly two decades. It mixes fast-paced real life dancing with the challenge of a video game.
DDR involves thumping on arrows on the floor to match the pattern that floats on-screen - much the same as Guitar Hero ... but for your feet. Each edition of the phenomenon has hundreds of song choices, meaning anyone can get up to find their groove!

That awesome basketball game you can never remember the name of

You remember how great those games were? You know, the ones where you chuck a basketball into a small hoop, then a ramp returns it so you can do it again.

Those are still around, and they are just as fun! These basketball games are a great way to enjoy a challenge without having to stare at a screen. You simply chuck the ball, tally some points and keep doing it until you beat your mate's high score!