The 90s welcomed a new era of gaming for kids and teens alike, bringing players from far and wide to their local cinema or arcade hall to challenge their friends or top high scores. But no game has had an effect on the video game industry, than the classic racer, Daytona. The realistic gear shifting matched with the high speed raceways let young people get their first real taste of driving from the safety of an arcade cabinet. Now if you have never had a chance to race, we’ve got the details to get you in first place.         

Tips & Tricks

First things first, Daytona may look like a simple racing game, but there is a lot more to it that meets the eye. Here are our tips to scoring that time extension and finishing on the podium every time:

  1. Take it easy on the shifting and make sure you hit the top RPM before you move up to the next gear. There’s no point wasting speed by shifting early or shifting late!
  2. Pull out the Gear Drift. This techniques involves shifting into 2nd gear on those tight turns and then shifting back into 3rd before you straighten out.
  3. Lucky last but not least important is don’t hit those breaks in your turn. Because if you do, you will be all over the road sliding out!

All the Details

As far as this game goes, Daytona requires no introduction and is a household name when it comes to arcades all over the world. Sega has done an amazing job refurbishing the classic arcade cabinet and has left the classic racing simulator in its prime but also added a modern flair with updated graphics and a higher frame rate for all players to enjoy.