Crossy Road


Crossy Road

Nothing seems to go past the arcade classics like the original Space Invaders, Asteroids or the classic Frogger. That’s why when it comes to favourites for us at Playtime, Crossy Road is at the top of our lists. The simple, yet super addictive arcade adventure has some of the best parts from a lot of our favourite games.

Tips & Tricks

Crossy Road is one of the most simple mechanical operating games in Playtime venues! There is one big button for either Player 1 or Player 2 and it’s as simple as that. Hit the button to go forward and make sure you don’t get squished by that car, run over by that train or go splash in the river! 

We’ve got a few tricks that you can keep up your sleeve whilst challenging for that High Score:

  1. Take your time when crossing! As long as the bottom of the screen doesn’t catch you, there is no need to rush to the next line
  2. Bounce on the Hipster! Use the Hipster Whale in the river to get and extra bounce onto the next log.
  3. Use the logs to your advantage! Don’t get caught in the corner of the map, use the logs in the river to reset your character to the middle of the game.

All the Details

Fun fact for those playing at home, the wonderful people who made Crossy Road are all Aussies! The crew, known as Hipster Whale, originally came up with the idea and released Crossy Road as a Mobile App. Following the games massive success they decided to bring the game to the arcades! Fun fact for all you fans out there, the game was only made in 12 weeks , after originally making the game in 6, but spending another 6 making sure everything was perfect!

Now we don’t think we need another reason to tell you why you should be playing this beauty, so why not find your nearest Playtime venue and load up that Playcard with some Bonus Bucks and grab those tickets till your heart is content.