Classic arcade game of the month: Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune


When you first think of the phrase 'street race', what country comes to mind? In most cases, it's the nation of Japan, home of countless automobile brands, beautiful roading infrastructure and a knack for telling great stories. 

The legend of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune was born on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route and this is where the arcade game takes place - the urban hub of one of the world's biggest cities. Race fast cars through the mean streets of Tokyo and find out at Playtime Entertainment who is the king of the road among your friends. 

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune - green means go!

When you're in the arcade with your mates, the main objective is to beat them by as much as possible. However, the game isn't as simple as that - and nor should it be.

Every race is packed with action from the start as you manoeuvre the concrete jungle of Tokyo and try to avoid spinning out in a crash with your competitors. Of course, if you can get past the start, you'll have to remember to keep your eyes on the road with the Japanese roading system confusing for even the best driver. You might not know what the road signs say, but you'll soon find out if you take a wrong turn!

Despite being released in 2004, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune is very advanced for its time. The Japanese environment looks very authentic with high-rise buildings, tall carparks and intricate freeways systems dotted across the game. Couple this with the detail of every vehicle in the game and you have yourself an absolute classic. 

Finally, the soundtrack of this game is something that stays with your memories of this arcade treat. Featuring trance music composed and produced by Yuzo Koshiro, the fast, electronic beats transport you to Tokyo - making you feel like a real street racer.

Playing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune at Playtime

This game is one of many racing games at Playtime Entertainment and we think it's one of the best. Combining the precise steering and gear shifts required in an arcade game with the Japanese street them, you get an atmosphere of high-octane fun.

Fancy a trip to Tokyo? Check out Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune at Playtime Entertainment. Be sure to check out the venue locations on our website for more information - we look forward to seeing you!