Classic arcade game of the month Tekken


Since the early 1990s, arcades across the world have been blessed with excellent fighting games. While Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter might come to mind first, it's the Tekken series that captured most people's imaginations.

Those classic graphics, joystick button combo and characters are all synonymous with the Tekken series - able to bring a smile to many a gamer's face. Tekken is one of our most popular arcade games at Playtime, drawing players from different ages and backgrounds. Keen to learn more about the history of Tekken as well as the most recent edition? Read on below!

Tekken - a history

The original Tekken was released in December 1994 by Namco and immediately received a great reception from gamers and reviewers. Scoring a nine out of 10 from Edge and 38 out of 40 from Famitsu, the game was applauded for its revolutionary 3D graphics and entertaining gameplay.

If you're unfamiliar with the premise, each Tekken game revolves around the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Playing as each character, the aim is to win the tournament against various opponents before playing the following episode. The main character is Kazuya who was thrown off a cliff by his father at the age of 5. Using the 'Devil Gene', he survived and swore revenge on his father and others who crossed his path.

Over the 23-year history of Tekken, there have been seven main games as well as tag tournaments, portable series, spin-offs and crossovers. This has made the Tekken series the best fighting game franchise in history.

Tekken 7 - the latest generation

In 2015, Tekken 7 entered the Playtime arcade and is as popular as the original game. With the improvement in graphics, additional characters, extensive storyline and fighting mechanics, it can keep you and your friends entertained on a rainy afternoon.

Challenge each other to pick different characters and lead them to glory through the tough fights. One important improvement is the 'Rage Art' option where they can release their inner beast and attack when their health bar is very low. If you love the thrill of a great escape, then this is a solid addition to the game.

Tekken 7 stays true to the original premise of the series while providing new gamers with everything they wanted from a modern arcade game. Between friends, we can't wait for another Tekken version to see what they come up with next!