Classic arcade game of the month: Mario Kart

Mario kart

We're going to make a relatively bold claim here, but once we make it, we don't think you're going to mind. Come come.

Mario Kart is king

There is not a single person in the world who dislikes Mario Kart. If you dislike it, you probably just haven't played, or played a version you like. There are few arcade games that can truly be adored universally, but the thrilling race courses and triumphant cheer of 'Wahoo!" when you smash an opponent with a red bomb, or win a race just keeps you coming back for more every time. 

Think about it, the first time you played, you probably weren't very good. But you started on the lowest cc and kept coming back for more. You couldn't end on a bad race, no! You had to go back and conquer all your opponents. Move over Donkey Kong. Get lost Yoshi. Take your mushrooms elsewhere Toad. (Of course, trash talk is determined based on one of the 11 characters available, so you can alter based on preference.) 

Then, once you finally reign supreme, you can't stop there. You have to continue to defend your title to all your friends and family. 

Playtime rulez 

There's only one place that you can really get the atmosphere of the game that truly sucks you in, putting you behind the wheel of the kart. And that is your nearest Playtime centre, of course.

These gaming consoles put you right in the driver seat, and pretty soon, you forget that you aren't on a real racecourse. Feel the rumble of the engine starting up, and the butterflies flutter around in your stomach as the beep tone and stop lights count down to go. As you manoeuvre through the various tracks, you get the adrenaline rush of smashing through an item box and unveiling your prize. Perhaps it is a banana that you can hold on to for strategic placement down the road? Or maybe it is a red shell bomb that you can shoot after the player who is narrowly beating you. 

Cross that finish line and feel your muscles relax - or tense in anger if that darn Wario managed to slip by you at the last second. Either way, you keep coming back for more. 

Come on down to Playtime to take on the high scores that have already been set by previous opponents. If you can take them down, your new record will be listed on our website!