Our Level One Package allows guests to get a taste of what Playtime has to offer. Your party people get a chance to show off their skills and play some of their favourite games as well as some all-time classics. With 1 hour of game play in our awesome arcade, you can become anything you dream of; a race car driver,a dancing chamption or a pro basketballer, the possibilities are endless!

At $28 per person this package includes – 
  • 1 hour game play + 3 blue game play swipes.
  • 200 redemption points per guest 
  • Party snack
  • Photobooth experience
  • Party Host

We suggest leaving at least half an hour at the end of the party to enter the redemption area to ensure you and your guests select the best prizes.

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You may have noticed that we mention 1 hour of game play and 3 blue game play swipes, and did you think, wait what does a blue swipe mean? 
Great question, when you walk into a Playtime venue you will notice on the games where you swipe different colours. 

What do the colours mean?

  • Green = time play with no points awarded – includes video games and attraction games  
  • Blue = 3 plays with no points awarded – redemption games
  • Red = not available for birthday parties - includes MA 15+ games or prize game

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