Is a deposit required when booking a party?

A $100 deposit is required when booking your party; the final balance may be paid on the day. A minimum of 3 business days’ notice is required to receive a refund of the deposit amount.

Is there a minimum number of guests for a birthday party booking?

There is a minimum 8 guests to enjoy the full experience of a birthday party with Playtime including your own dedicated party host.

Can I bring a birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake, or you can purchase an ice cream cake from our available extras (selected venues only). Unfortunately, due to storage constraints we are unable to store your cake for you.

Can I / we bring my own food?

No external food or beverage is permitted, unless in relation to a food allergy which you have confirmed with us prior to the day of your party.

Can Playtime organise party invitations?

Party invitations are available! Download your digital birthday invitations here or head into your selected Playtime Venue to pick some up. Don’t forget to ask for contact information in the event you need to contact the parents of your party guests. 

Do we need to arrive earlier than our booking time?

We request that you and your guests arrive 10 - 15 mins prior to your party start time to organise final payment etc. This will ensure that your party experience begins on time and that none of your guests miss out on any of the fun! Your party commences on the hour

Do we need to stay with the party?

We ask that you organise parents/carers to be available for the duration of your party as a touch point for our hosts –this could be you, your partner, a family member or friend (anyone attending the party to help supervise the kids).  

How long is a birthday party at Playtime?

Depending on the party package you have chosen:

Does the birthday booking need to be confirmed?

Please call us on the Wednesday before your party to confirm the final number of guests attending – this number is to ensure adequate team and services on the day.

What games will the party be able to play? 

We have developed a colour coded system for our games based on the game type and the Australian Classification Rating. 
  • Green video games are available for play the entire duration of your party.
  • Blue video games have limited plays depending on the party package selected. 
  • Red video games are adult themed and not available for play with kids party packages.
Games vary between venues, for a list of games available to parties please call 1300 368 067

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