top spin table tennis


Are you a champion with the table tennis bat? Or just love a bit of friendly competition...

Look no further than Playtime Top Spin Table Tennis Arenas! 

We have six tables for you and your friends to go at it for the title of Top Spin champ, bleachers for the mates, mums, dads, little kids or those who just want to be an observer, and a scoreboard to keep score and separate the winners from the losers, you’ll be on your way to the Olympics in no time, are you up for it?

The Top Spin Table Tennis tables are available at Playtime Chermside and Playtime Eastland for $10 for half an hour play or $15 for the full hour.

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Table Tennis is available for birthday party or group and corporate bookings. To make a booking call 1300 421 567

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